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Why Use a Licensed Strata Manager?


  1. Acts as the Agent of the Strata Corporation
  2. Takes direction from the Strata Council to provide services to the Strata Corporation which is  made up of  the Strata Owners.
  3. Provides guidance in meeting the requirements of the Strata Property Act
  4. Provides day to day management services
  5. Maintains records as required by the Strata Property Act
  6. Collects Strata Fees, special levies and other accounts
  7. Provides pre-authorized debit services
  8. Looks after the payment of invoices for services and contracts
  9. Attends Council Meetings and General Meetings to record the minutes of the meetings
  10. Advises on the requirements of the Strata Property Act regarding resolutions to be presented at these meetings
  11. Can assist in resolving disputes between owners and the Strata Corporation
  12. Can provide guidance and assist in Preparation of the Annual Operating Budget which is used to establish strata fees for each unit.
  13. Provides accounting services and maintains records for the Strata Corporation
  14. Provides information and Forms F and B as required by the Strata Property Act
  15. Manages operating and contingency reserve bank accounts
  16. Assists in the hiring of services